A Nice, Long Beach Vacation!

After BFF Beach weekend we headed back to Trey's parents. He can work from home (or any home really) so we decided to go stay at their house for a couple of weeks overlapping the 4th of July. My parents also came down in the RV for the first week. They stayed in an RV resort near Emerald Isle before starting a long RV trip! 

Dad had old tokens for free beers at the Dockhouse and they were actually still good!

Mandy and Keeran came down for a while too! Got to have lots of snuggle time :)

Took lots of walks

And lots of naps

And made lots of delicious dinners!

One day we went to the aquarium with Mom & Dad

These two wanted lots of attention while I was snuggling with Keeran

We met my aunt, uncle and cousin for dinner at Ruddy Duck one night!

Keeran even spent a day on the beach!

We watched the fireworks from the golf course on the 4th!

Trey, BJ and I went to Ocracoke for the day, rode bikes, had lunch and explored the lighthouse

We took the dogs out on the boat one day to take the dogs to a sandbar at low tide. They loved being able to run around. 

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