Bridal Shower for Kimberly at the Glass Box

Mom and I threw a bridal shower for Kimberly at the Glass Box. It is a gorgeous venue that barely needs any decorating! The only downside was that even with the AC pumping it was warm, it's basically a greenhouse! It has an awesome view, being on the 5th floor of Fayetteville Street. It turned out great. 

Gift station & Jenga pieces for the guests to sign
(Kimberly and Chad love to play games)

Cupcakes on the far table. They were actually gourmet cupcakes from Sam's Club. Multiple people asked where they were from because they were so good!

The pictures are for a guess the bridge and groom's age game. I had 6 pictures of each and a little game sheet for everyone to write their guesses on. 

A mimosa bar is always necessary!

 Stephanie, one of her bridesmaids was a huge help and brought delicious wraps and chicken salad croissants

Kimberly's sister made that awesome fruit platter! 


Kimberly's mom, sister and nieces

Kimberly and I have been friends for 30 years, thanks to our moms!

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