"Christmas" in Delaware

Every year we go to Delaware in December to do family Christmas with the Sutton family (Trey's step-dad's side). We made the drive up to Dover last weekend for a weekend full of family fun and Christmas celebrations. We left Friday as soon as I got off of work and made it there in about 8 hours. We stay at Frank's mom's house, MomMom, which is where all of the celebrations occur :)

Friday night we went to Denise's (Frank's sister) house as they have the "Christmas Eve" gathering. Saturday we do a late lunch celebration. There is always egg casserole, that is the favorite meal of the family so that is the staple of our lunch and left overs for breakfast the next day! We had lunch and then swapped presents, as we do a secret santa between the older crowd.
Nevaeh opening her gifts

Nevaeh loving on the newest family member, McKenna
Nevaeh having a sleepover in our room!

One of the other perks of going to Delaware is being able to find Dogfish Head beer that we can't buy down there. They have 90 minute ales and 120 minute ales and all kinds of other craft brews that they don't sell in NC. We always schedule time to be able to go on a hunt for good beer! This year we went down to their brewery in Milton. It was AWESOME. The store had so many things that we wanted to buy, we had to control ourselves. We got a few items for other family members (that I can't share yet, they're a surprise!) and a few items for ourselves. 
Unique artwork in front of the brewery

Lots of room to make beer!

Their mailbox, out front

The sign when you turn on the street that the brewery is on

Notice the right side, you get a tasting for free and it is 4 beers, that was the list the day we went

Dogfish head Christmas Tree

On our way home we decided to stop in DC and visit Arlington Cemetery. The original Walter Matthew Winoski (trey's namesake) is buried there and Trey hasn't been since his funeral in 1995. I will post lots of pictures from that adventure tomorrow.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

We also stopped at Ikea, in Woodbridge, on the way home. That store is incredible. It was my first Ikea experience. They have a cafe, a showroom area with little rooms set up for you to get ideas, then you go down to the "store" part that resembles a bed bath and beyond then they also have a warehouse. It is so hard not to buy everything in sight, they make it all look so cute! We almost bought an entire room but decided to come home and plan it out (and what colors it will require us to paint, etc). But we will be going back to the one in Charlotte soon! It is SO huge it requires hours and lots of energy, so we need to be prepared next time :)
It was an exhausting but fun weekend, we had a great time visiting with family that we don't get to see very often! It's really getting close to Christmas, ahh!!

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