Our new kegerator!

We bought a kegerator at a yard sale for $40 a couple of months ago. It was a huge deep freezer converted to a kegerator. It also had an empty 1/6th keg in it along with the CO2 tank needed for pressure. Well, after moving the freezer to our house it cooled, but not completely. We couldn't really figure out what the issue was and didn't really think that it was worth paying someone to come look at it and then probably buy parts to fix it. So we checked out black Friday ads and braved the Walmart crowds (actually at 11pm on Thursday night!) and bought ourselves a new deep freezer. This one is only 7 cubic feet so it's a more appropriate size for it's location on our porch! 

Trey had to drill a small hole in the top of this one to put the tubing through and screw the tap down. We were so excited when it was complete! The next step is to go buy a keg! Luckily we had the empty one already, so we got a $30 credit towards our new purchase. We also had to refill the CO2 tank, so we went out on Sunday and did both of those. Now we have a working kegerator! All in all, I think we spent about $235 on it... $40 at the yard sale, $170 for the new freezer, $25 to refill the CO2. Not too bad!

It has taken some work to figure out the right psi on the tank that doesn't make it too foamy, but it's working well now! Here is a picture of a beer from our amazing kegerator! The Christmas lights hanging behind it don't hurt :) It should be getting some great use soon, at our Tacky Christmas Sweater Party!!

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