Christmas at the Beach

After our weekend in Atlanta, we headed back to Raleigh, grabbed the rest of our stuff and the dogs and headed to the beach to visit Trey's parents for the week. 

When we got there Monday night we exchanged Christmas presents, since we didn't see them on Christmas. We spent a large majority of the week lounging around. It was so nice. I was afraid we would be so busy/stressed over break with so many plans and vacations but it was awesome to just go to the beach and hang out. 

Tuesday we went shopping, part of Trey's Christmas present was to go shopping and get some new work clothes. After Christmas sales are the way to go!

Tuesday night we went to the Elks Lodge to play Bingo! It was a lot of fun, kind of stressful with so many cards and pretty entertaining. Some of those bingo players play multiple times a week and are pretty serious. Trey and I were so close to winning a couple of times but never did. BJ did win once, but so did 2 others at the same time so they had to split the pot. 

Trey got an awesome Dogfish Head ceramic growler for Christmas so on New Years Eve we stopped by The Promiseland Market to fill the growler and have a drink. 

We had a delicious New Years day dinner complete with black eyed peas and collards for good luck and money! 

Aside from a walk on the beach, some more shopping and visiting family we didn't do much else! It was a nice break to relax before coming back to the grind. 

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