On Christmas Eve we decided to stay the night at my parents house, so Trey and I exchanged presents at our house before we left for the night. He got a new T-Rex shirt that he was pretty excited about :) And the dogs enjoyed opening gifts too. They love to stick their head in the gift bag in hopes that they can pull out a toy. 

We had dinner at Mam-maws and then came home to enjoy a night-cap and some Christmas movies. 

On Christmas morning mom made breakfast and then we opened gifts from each other and Santa. 

Chad got Vegas a Panthers jersey and Tyson a sweater to match a Christmas sweater that Trey has. 

Lucky had a lot of fun Christmas morning. This is his first Christmas since Chad adopted him, who knows what his life was like last Christmas, but I think it's probably way better now :)

We lounged around mid-day and then dad's side of the family came over Christmas night.We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed hanging out together. 

It was a very nice, relaxing day. 

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