NYC at Christmastime!

NC State basketball played West Virigina in the Gotham Classic in Madison Square Gardens in NYC the first weekend of my Christmas break so we decided to head up to New York to go to the game and visit Allison. Instead of flying, Mariah, Greg, Trey and I drove up together. 
About to go to grandmas, wanted to come to NYC with us!
Holland Tunnel into Manhattan

We hit the road Saturday morning and made it up there by dinner time Saturday evening. We got super lucky and found a parking spot right in front of Allison's apartment that we were able to stay in until we left Tuesday morning FOR FREE! 

We headed to MSG for the game a little early to go to the NCSU Alumni gathering before the game. There was free food and a cash bar that we enjoyed. 

The game honestly was not the best, we lost and the WVU fans were terrible, super rude and not just talking smack about the team but saying mean things to people, cussing at us, etc. So that part wasn't too much fun but it was still cool to get to see State play in MSG.

After the game we went out for drinks and then stopped at the diner near Allison's apartment on the way home to satisfy our late night hunger. 
"cheese fries"

Sunday morning we took the train to Grand Central and then went ice skating in Bryant Park! Trey had never been ice skating before, ever! So that was a fun experience. He did a pretty good job getting the hang out of it. 

After ice skating we got brunch with bottomless drinks for 2 hours. Then we did some shopping in SOHO and I got a nice new down jacket in UniQlo. 

Sunday night we went back to the apartment, ordered pizza and played Christmas power hour. It was a ton of fun just hanging out like roomies again. 

Monday Allison had to work but the 4 of us did the touristy stuff around the city. We did a little bit of shopping, attempted to check out the windows on 5th Ave (I was a little disappointed - thought there would be more/better) and then went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! We got tickets at the TKTS discount ticket booth (for day-of) tickets in Times Square. 

 After the show we met Allison at Rockefeller Center to see the big tree. 

Then we went to dinner at Room Service, an incredibly well priced Thai restaurant that we eat at almost every time we go. 

Tuesday morning the Prius gang hit the road back home. It was pretty nice to be able to drive the Prius up there, we only spent $70 in gas. But also spent $70 in tolls! Overall, only $35 per person!

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