Holiday Randoms

We've done a lot of fun, random things throughout the holiday season and I thought would just post them all in once place:

The weekend before Thanksgiving we went to see the Raleigh Christmas parade. It was FREEZING! But a lot of fun, I haven't been in years. 

While we were gone I got a message from my neighbor saying that we had a fence breach and our dogs and her dog were having a blast running back and forth between the two yards. It was pretty hilarious, they were definitely enjoying themselves. They were sad when we fixed the fence! 

Trey built cornhole boards for a friend's husbands birthday gift.

My good friend at work, Connie, had a precious baby girl on Halloween and I spent a few afternoongs hanging out with them and taking her food. Love baby snuggles!

We had Christmas in Delaware one of the first weekends in December with the Sutton family. That always calls for a stop at the Dogfish Head Brewery.

We had a bonfire at our friend Andy's house along with some homemade pizza. 

Christy (the BFF, not me) went to Munich and got me an ornament from the Christmas market!

Two Christmas parties in one night! We went to one at Andy's and played lots of fun games, Trey actually won the game where you put a plate on your head and draw (without being able to see what you are drawing, obviously). 

Chad had his annual Christmas ugly sweater party. 

We had dinner for Chad's birthday at my house with lots of family! 

Trey went Christmas shopping for the dogs and brought home a bag from Petsmart. Tyson knew exactly what was in there without us saying a word. Little stinker. He sat and stared and whined. Until his daddy gave in and gave them their presents early. 

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