Date Night Downtown

Last week Bell's Brewery (from Michigan) released Hopslam, a seasonal release down here that people jump all over. Because it is so popular, it is basically impossible to find. Total Wine sold out of 30 cases between 9am and 12noon on a Tuesday! Tasty Beverage sold out in about 40 minutes!

We read that Busy Bee would be tapping it on Wednesday at 5:00, so we decided to head downtown to have a taste of the hype! It was actually reall good. It is 10%ABV and you can barely tell.
After we enjoyed our beer at Busy Bee we decided to head to dinner at The Pit. We had never been there before and heard only good things about it, so it was time to try it out! We decided to get the family style meal and share. We got to pick 2 starters, 2 meats, 2 sides and a dessert! We were SO STUFFED when we were done!

Our starters were so good, we got fried pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes. I had never had either before and was pleasantly surprised.

For dinner we got BBQ and Beef Brisket. We thought we would compare their brisket to Grandpa Sammy's. While theirs is good it doesn't even compare to his... although his secret is probably that his meat comes from Texas. We had creamed corn on the side. oh. my. gosh. I love corn. And hand cut fries... my favorite type although we barely had room for any!

And although we were already full our dessert was on it's way... chocolate cake! We had a few bites and brought the rest home.

After dinner we went across the street to Tasty Beverage and managed to make room for one more drink and picked up a few bottles to take home.

It was such a fun date night... something that we don't get to do very often, just the two of us!

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