Mountain Weekend

A couple of weekends ago Trey and I packed up the dogs and our snowboards and headed to the mountains. We went up to spend a day snowboarding and stayed at my aunt and uncle's house in Valle Crucis. It was a beautiful weekend. When we got up there the ground was covered in snow!

Saturday morning we got up, bundled up and headed to Sugar Mountain to spend some time snowboarding. I haven't been in 5 years and Trey has only been once, more than 5 years ago! So we knew we were in for a long day. It actually went pretty well and we were getting pretty good at it, but it is definitely exhausting.

We took a break around lunchtime to enjoy a beer and food in the base lodge. We were pretty tired from snowboarding all morning and decided that we only wanted to go back out for a couple more runs. When we got to the lift the lines were double what they were at their longest point that morning, I'm guessing it would have been a 30 minute wait. It was starting to snow and we wanted to head home to enjoy playing in the snow with the dogs before watching the NC State game that would be on TV that afternoon. When we walked out dad saw us on the live webcam!

When we got back to the cabin, most of the previous snow had melted! The dogs still had a great time running around enjoying all of the space to play. We were able to manage to roll a snowball out of the snow that was still there and Vegas had a blast destroying it.

After we played with the dogs we took a dip in the hot tub to ease our muscles. That was a wonderful idea because the next day we were not nearly as sore as expected! My arms were pretty sore though, I didn't submerge them much, I probably should have!

The rest of the evening we had a few beers while we watched the basketball game (with a terrible ending!), made dinner and lounged with the pups. Vegas didn't enjoy our yelling at the tv...

The snow was really coming down that night and they had fun going out to play in it again.

Sunday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland! There was at least 4 inches already on the ground and it was STILL snowing!

We played in the snow for a while and cleaned up the cabin before heading back. We decided to get on out of town, since it was still snowing and a winter weather advisory said to not drive unless necessary and carry a flashlight with you if you do... It sounded scary so we thought we should go ahead and leave before even more snow came down. Plus we wanted to get back to enjoy the Super Bowl later that night. Well as soon as we got out of the "neighborhood" area the roads were CLEAR! Then we realized, of course they are, these people can handle snow! We saw at least 5 snow plows on our way out of town... nothing like if it snowed that much in Raleigh!

We really enjoyed our weekend away together, just our little family, that doesn't happen very often! We had 2 tired pups on the way home :)

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