Homemade Loaded Tater Tots

We love the loaded tater tots at Busy Bee and decided to try to make them ourselves on Super Bowl Sunday. They turned out pretty well so I thought I'd share the recipe we concocted!

What You Need:
Bag of frozen tater tots
Sour Cream
Cheese Whiz
Heavy Whipping Cream
Bacon Bits
Scallions (or green onions)

What You Do:
Bake the tater tots according to the package. In a pot, mix part of the cheese whiz and a little bit of heavy whipping cream. Just enough to make it creamy and a little bit runnier. In a bowl, put the cheese on the bottom, tater tots on top of that. Top with a scoop of sour cream and garnish with bacon bits and scallions. Enjoy!

They were so good I didn't take pictures until it was half eaten :)

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