Beach Trip Part 1: Saturday - Tuesday

Trey worked out the timing so that when he switched jobs he had 2 weeks off and we decided to spend 1 1/2 weeks of that visiting his parents at the beach.

We headed down on Saturday morning. The car was packed full... Tyson didn't look too comfortable at first:

 But we fixed that for him:

We were all pretty excited to be at the beach. We lounged around for a bit then walked the dogs to the beach. His parents weren't home until later Saturday night but we enjoyed hanging out and relaxing.

We went to dinner at Musashi's... the best Japanese restaurant down here!

Sunday morning we did one of our favorite things... lounge around on the porch!

We went grocery shopping to get stocked up for the week and then headed back to walk the beach at low tide. We went to let the dogs enjoy themselves, us enjoy the sun and look for beach glass.

For dinner Frank grilled fresh tuna and chicken... yum! And as it started to get dark the dogs enjoyed playing with the laser light out behind the house. That led Tyson to wanting to go swimming in the pond so we took a walk around the pond and course and then back towards the house... it was a beautiful night!

Monday morning we took the dogs on a walk on the beach and came back and made a yummy breakfast:

We enjoyed the day, relaxing around the house and then headed to the beach for a couple of hours.

We grilled steaks for dinner and took another nice walk around the course as the sun set!

It was a great night until as the dogs were playing with the basketball they hit a chair on the far end of the porch that had carpenter bees in it and got attacked :( Vegas got stung a few times but her eat swelled up pretty big for a couple of days. Tyson was starting to get stung on his foot and Trey slapped him with the fly swatter to kill it, so now he is also scared of fly swatters! We went to get some bee spray and killed them all... it was quite a night but everyone is doing fine now and they are all dead.

Tuesday was another relaxing day. We took a great sunset walk on the beach. Frank and BJ joined us and the dogs to walk the beach, enjoy the low tide and search for beach glass.
Tyson loved chasing the birds, they both enjoyed playing in the low tide.

After we got back I figured they would be exhausted but they even still played with the laser light and then Tyson headed to bed with his Poppop :)

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