Family Vacation to Delaware

Last Thursday my mom, dad, Mammaw and I piled in to dad's car to head to Delaware for a long weekend to visit with my moms side of the family. My uncle has a place in a campground near Rehoboth Beach and my aunt's family spent the week there. We were packed to the brim:

We got up there late Thursday night and found our home for the weekend, a rental unit in the campground. It wasn't big but it did the trick. And it had a gorgeous water front view!

Friday morning we headed over to hang out with everyone at my uncles.

My mom, dad, aunt and cousin and I rented kayaks and a stand up paddle board. The weather was really nice and we enjoyed a couple of hours out on the water. Charlie made paddle boarding look so easy, so I decided to try it! It was pretty cool and I managed to not fall off :)

Saturday I went on a 13 mile bike ride with my aunt. We rode around some of the other little communities near by, they were all so pretty and had great views.

For lunch, mom, dad and I headed in to Rehoboth Beach to go to the Dogfish Head Brew Pub. I enjoyed two of their beers that are brewed only for the brew pub that were both really good. Mom and Dad weren't sure what they wanted so they got a flight to try a few different options. Our food was really good too.

After we ate we walked towards the ocean along the strip of stores and enjoyed some Kilwin's ice cream along the way.

We finally got to the beach and it was CROWDED. Literally more packed than any beach I have ever seen... made me really appreciate North Carolina beaches!

As we walked back to the car we stopped at Dogfish again to purchase some goods from their kiosk. They also distill liquor at the brew pub so I bought a couple of bottles of rum along with the Extreme Brewing book for Trey to enjoy reading for his home brewing :)

We enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner at my uncle's on Saturday night and just hung out with the family.

Sunday we dodged most of the rain that was all over the east coast. We had a nice view over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and stopped at the gift shop/pier to check things out, since it was dark when we crossed it on the way there.

It was such an awesome weekend with family :)

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