I haven't been doing too much exciting stuff lately to do entire posts about but here's a glimpse at my summer right now:

Babysat Speckles & Bailey for a night

Went out to ORO for Kimberly's birthday... it was really good!

Took Vegas on another "therapeutic visitor" trip to Independence Village... she loved it!

I spend a little time each morning hanging out with these two looking out the front window

Had playtime on my bed

Cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more

Played LOTS of frisbee

Caught this squirrel getting in to our compost bin

Oh and dealing with this....

One would think that the above email (and the 10+ others saying things along the lines of "congrats... see you at graduation...") would mean that I was actually graduating with my masters on May 10th. Well yes, I completed the classes, and yes I filled out all of my paperwork and sent my money to get my license updated. But interestingly enough I have yet to receive my diploma. I contacted the registrar's office... and sure enough I wasn't "graduated" yet... The problem? MY ADVISOR FAILED. He did not turn my graduate summary (a piece of paper saying my classes and that my degree is completed) in to the registrar's office. So 2 months to the day after all of this paper work should have been done I am the one calling people, emailing people and hoping and praying that this process hurries up. Luckily the lady at the registrar was nice and easy to deal with, emailed the department chair and he completed this piece of paper and sent it to her about 30 minutes later, she sent my transcript on to the licensing department at school and I then contacted them saying get a move on so that hopefully my license is updated and the paperwork is complete to get my pay raise by August!

In 6-8 weeks my diploma should come and I can finally post the blog I have waiting in drafts that my masters is official... with my frame that arrived 2 months ago with the diploma actually in it!! 

Oh and to end on a happy note... celebrated Trey's last day on the golf course! He is moving on to the "corporate world" and we're pretty excited

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