Beach Trip Part 3: Sunday - Wednesday

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Sunday was a very lazy day. We laid in bed for a while in the morning watching golf, got up and hung out on the porch, ordered a pizza, watched a movie and just relaxed the whole day. 

I also randomly decided to look up the Ocracoke Ferry and decided to make plans to head that way on Monday. It is only $3/person to ride the ferry if you ride as a biker but $15/car (each way) if you take your car... so we decided to drive to the ferry and just take our bikes over, the island is pretty small anyways. So Trey, Frank & BJ pumped up the tires & prepped the bikes to take. 

Monday we got up and played with the dogs. We headed out for the Ferry about 8:30 to catch the 10:00 Ferry from Cedar Island. It's a 2 hour 15 minute ride. 

When we got off the ferry in Ocracoke it was just starting to drizzle so we quickly rode our bikes to Howard's Pub for lunch and a couple of beers. 

We stopped by the new Topless Oyster Restaurant as we biked back towards the village so Trey could try the Duck Rabbit Oyster Stout special beer that they had on tap. 

After that we biked over to the lighthouse to check it out. It is pretty small and you don't get to go inside or anything, just look up at it. 

From the lighthouse we went to Zille's Wine & Beer to see what they had. We sat on their patio and enjoyed a beer and the nice weather. 

Then we did some shopping around the village to check out the shops and everything. 

 We wanted to walk on the beach for a while so we biked up passed Howard's Pub and passed the airport to a beach access and walked on the beach for a bit. 

After the beach we headed back down to the village and had a snack at Jolly Roger's Pub just before we had to get back on the ferry. 

Tuesday was another pretty relaxing day, we were exhausted from our long day on Ocracoke. We slept in and lounged around, Trey made us omelets that fell apart because they stuck to the pan! 

We spent a few hours lounging on the beach. 

And for dinner that night Frank and BJ took us to dinner to celebrate my birthday at El Zarape! We enjoyed a yummy Mexican meal topped off with fried ice cream and being sung happy birthday to.

Wednesday morning we basically got up, packed the car and headed home. It was time to get back, do some laundry, have dinner with friends and family and regroup before heading to the lake on Friday! 

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