Summer Cleaning

Most people do spring cleaning... well since I have a couple of months off for the summer, I do summer cleaning! I just kept pushing all of the cleaning aside until I had all of this free time. Doesn't mean that I want to actually do it... but now I didn't have an excuse! I started slow by cleaning the windows, window ledges and floors... I was avoiding the bathroom :(

My awesome mom came over and helped me clean the disgusting grout in my shower the other day. I completely forgot to take a before picture, but just picture GROSS.  She scrubbed with her one good hand and man that shower sparkles!

I cleaned the sink/tub/toilet while she did the hard stuff. 

We also cleaned the other bathrooms in the house that day and even the a/c vent!
(We use that bathtub to de-label beer bottles for our homebrews... hence the mess!)
FYI that vent cover actually comes off... I discovered that accidentally after holding the vacuum hose up to it for a while.

Right before she left I mentioned the stain that was on my dining room table. Probably about 6 months ago I put something straight from the oven to the table with a towel underneath (not pot holder or trivet) and it left this lovely white mark:

Luckily we keep a big bowl on the table and it is on the side we rarely use... so I had forgotten about it for a while. I really thought there was a way to get this off but most people I had talked to said it would be hopeless, I would have to sand and restain it. I didn't believe them. And good thing I didn't... my super awesome mom said "oh yeah toothpaste should." We figured it was worth a shot... couldn't mess it up worse!

So literally we used some toothpaste on a damp washcloth, then a dry one to wipe it off. It took some scrubbing and time but boom it's gone!

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