Bedroom Updates

I haven't had as much time to work on my DIY projects the last few weeks but I have finished up our bedroom (well except for painting... if I decide to do that) and updated the guest bedroom also! 

The new lamps in our bedroom pull it all together :)

The guestroom bed is now where the dogs hang out probably 50% of the day. The bed is right up next to the window so they can sit there and look out the window all day! The comforter that was on that bed was thin, so it got little rips easily from their nails and it was also dry clean only so it was hard to clean all of their dog hair off! I decided to switch things up and made that room our NCSU room. I used the white comforter that we already had for the foot of the bed, and went to Kohl's to get a red and black quilt and 2 throw pillows. I also got a black bedskirt and curtains from my parents' house. The curtains didn't have any tie-backs so I cut up our old (already torn) NCSU blanket to use as ties! We already had all of the NCSU accessories, our diplomas and Trey's sister painted that wolf for us a few years ago! I love that we have an NC State room, but like it a lot now that it's the "grown up" version, no tacky decorations! I might also paint this room a shade of grey at some point but that's a project I'm really not looking forward to so it may be a while.

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