Vegas's New Favorite Spot

Vegas used to climb in our toy cabinet when she got scared, we always thought it was funny but she loves tight little spaces. She used to get in Tyson's crate when we still had it up in the house, she just likes to have a little space for herself.
Hanging out in bro's crate

Under the couch of the old motor home... not scared, just comfy

Scared of the fireworks she could hear in the motor home in Disney World

From 4th of July this summer, scared of fireworks. See the old toy basket?

Then she even started getting in there when she wasn't scared, so I decided to clean out the (empty) toy basket since Tyson doesn't ever leave the toys in there anymore, anyway! I emptied the cabinet for her and put an old blanket in there. It is now her favorite place to hang out. She goes in there to just chill or also to get away from Tyson :) 

Loving her private space

Sometimes she steals his toys and runs in there too.
The toy is mine!!

Sis, can I have my toy back!?

 It still cracks me up when she just walks in there and lays down. It's her little haven.
Nap time

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