Trees and Knees Do Not Mix!

This weekend we went to Lake Norman (I will post about the whole weekend tomorrow!) but in the middle of a fun afternoon, I had a not so fun experience. We took the boat out to Rope-Swing Cove and lounged around for a while. We decided to go give the rope swing a try, kids had been going off of it all day! One of our friends, Jennifer, and I decided to go together. She climbed up the couple of steps to go from up high, and I followed her. It was a pretty intimidating view! Well wet wood and I just don't mix... remember when I fell running? Well this time it was worse... I slipped while I had a poor grip on the rope, but basically had no other option but to go with it... Well since I didn't have a good grip I hung too low and BAM my knee smacked a tree root.
Both of us climbing up

About to go.... see the tree root right above these words?

Splashing in

I landed in the water and swam over to everyone, as I was swimming I realized it was pretty painful. They helped me get back to the boat, iced my knee and gave me a towel to wrap it in and we headed back to the dock. Loyd's neighbors are doctors so a doctor met us at the dock and checked out my knee. He cleaned it a bit but said we needed to go to the ER, he didn't have enough to clean it with and didn't have his sutures to close me up! So Loyd's wonderful mama drove us to the ER and waited there for us for FOUR HOURS! It was a very nice emergency room, and they took us back immediately (Trey stayed with me the whole time). They checked out my knee, took me for x-rays just to double check that I didn't hurt a bone, numbed me, cleaned out the wound and finally stitched me up! 

I will spare you the incredibly disgusting pictures (unless of course anyone wants to see them, just ask!) but now I have stitches in my knee cap! I also have to wear a knee immobilizer so that I don't bend it, since the stitches are basically right on my knee cap!

 I have to wear that until I get the stitches out which will be 10-14 days from Saturday, I'm aiming for next Thursday - right before I have to head back to work. 
My stitches, Monday morning
It's not super easy to walk in and difficult at times, but things could be worse I suppose. And we still had a fun weekend! I have just been laying around the house today, which surprisingly is probably the first time I have really done that all summer, so maybe this was nature's way of saying slow down and enjoy the end of summer! Plus I have wonderful friends & hubby who have been taking great care of me :)
Swollen knee!

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