Hanging with my Favorite Baby

This summer has been a lot of fun for many reasons, one of which is that one of my best childhood friends, Marianna, is back in town for a few months. Her husband is deployed so she has moved home to hang out with her friends and family while he is away. She has a 10 month old baby that is the cutest thing I have ever seen and so much fun to hang out with. The other night she had a kickball game to go to and her mom (aka built in babysitter) was out of town so I offered to hang with Mikey for the night. Trey came with me and we had a blast playing with him (and he went to bed easier than any child I've ever met!!)

Trey enjoyed trying to build a tower with Mikey's blocks but he would realize, run over, and tear it apart. He is basically a tiny tornado :) 

Oh? You're putting another tower together?

I'm going to come destroy it

Bedtime cutie

After Mikey was in bed the cat decided it was her turn for attention and crawled in my lap. 

A few days later we headed to the pool and put up his baby prison to give ourselves some sanity: 

And a cute one of me & my fave baby:

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