Cirque Du Soleil: Dralion

For our anniversary Trey bought us tickets to go see Cirque Du Soleil: Dralion when it was touring through Raleigh. The time finally came, last Friday, to go to the show. It was AMAZING. I literally sat in awe with my mouth open probably 50% of the time. This is the third Cirque show I've been to and it was by far the best.

We had awesome seats, there were seats on the floor super close to the stage and we were in the second row of them! You weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but during intermission I attempted to be sneaky and snap one of our chairs when I was walking back down so you could see just how close we were:
We were in the second row on the floor

Since I couldn't take any pictures I got pictures from their website so that I can look back later and remember what we saw and just how awesome it was. 
They had pretty entertaining clowns in between the acts:

The most  buff man I have ever seen in my life doing tricks and rolling around in a metal hoop:

A routine with bamboo poles that they even balanced on their faces:

Women doing amazing tricks with Chinese yo-yos (as I hoped that they didn't fail and come flying to our seats!)

The most amazing juggler I have ever seen... 8 balls at once!!

Crazy jump rope routines:

A couple "in love" using the ropes dangling from the middle, what I have always pictured Cirque shows to be using... 

A girl came down from the rafters in this hoop & hung by her feet, neck, you name it....

The most amazing trampoline act bouncing from that back up a wall:

The dralions dancing around and standing on a ball and rolling it (multiple people at once):

And men diving and flipping through hoops that were simply stacked on one another:

It was such a wonderful date with my hubby and to top it all off I was able to walk up the stairs (normally) for the first time in 2 weeks that night!! I'm making progress with my knee!

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