Disney Trip Part 1

At the end of October we made a big family trip to Disney. Sort of to celebrate my cousin Dain finally turning 21, and sort of just for fun. 

Trey and I flew down on Thursday night (the rest of the crew was already there and enjoying Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom). Since they were unavailable to pick us up from the airport, we hopped on the Magical Express and got a ride to the campground. 

The dogs were very well taken care of while we were gone. They stayed with their bff, Barley, at Jennifer and Rick's. They sent us lots of picture updates, which I loved :)

 Friday we all went in Hollywood Studios and hopped on the Tower of Terror. That is one of my favorite pictures, if only my aunt had been in it with us, it would be the best. 

 We started the party early and grabbed a snack and a beer before riding a few more things at Hollywood Studios. 
 Then we headed over to Animal Kingdom for the afternoon and rode Expedition Everest after a decently short wait in line. 

 Before making our way in to Epcot for the night we spent happy hour at Wilderness Lodge on the concierge level thanks to my aunt and uncle.
 After multiple free drinks there we headed in to Epcot to enjoy the evening and the Food & Wine festival! One tip... don't go to Epcot on the weekend during Food & Wine Festival... it is PACKED!

 More sweet picture updates 
 Saturday we had more fun in Epcot, rode some rides there and had reservations for lunch at Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada pavilion. It was the. best. steak. I have ever eaten. Super expensive, but so worth the splurge. We grabbed a few more drinks around the world showcase and then hopped on the monorail to head to Magic Kingdom. 

 best. meal. ever.

 The lines were so long for beers, so I thought I would be sneaky and go in to the shop in Japan and get a beer there. Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea.

 Listening to the "Beatles" band in Britain

 Enjoying the craft beer area in Epcot
 We stopped along the way for sushi and drinks at the Polynesian and then finally made it in to the Magic Kingdom. They had extra magic hours until 2 am!

 Totally sober....

Riding Splash Mountain!

Sunday we were all a bit exhausted so we slept in and had lunch at the Trails End restaurant at the campground. My aunt, uncle, cousins and Chad all had to fly out that night so they headed to the airport and we headed in to Hollywood Studios to ride some of the rides that we didn't get to on Friday. We wandered the streets of America and saw that they were prepping for the Spectacle of Lights (but it doesn't start until after Halloween, my parents got to see it but we came home too soon). 

That night we checked out some of the decorations at the campground. Love that everyone goes all out!

The rest will come in a later post!

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