DIY Christmas Platter

I've been spending a lot of time with my silhouette cameo lately. I love that thing. pinterest + silhouette machine + holidays = 1 busy girl. 

The first craft I tackled was a Christmas platter that I found here. It really is pretty easy, if you have a silhouette machine (or one similar). You could of course make this for any time of year and use different colors of vinyl. 

You Need: 
A plain tray/platter
Green vinyl
Red vinyl

Measure the inside of the platter. The only one I could find (that didn't cost a ton) had the extra ring around the outer edge so I had to make sure to get all of the vinyl in the middle. 

Type the last name (or name you want to put on the platter) on the silhouette studio (my font for this was Andulus). Then in another font (I used Boys R Gross) type merry christmas.You can drag it over the first word to be sure how they line up/size correctly. Then of course cut and paste it in to a different file, so that you can print on two different colors. 

Print the background name in one color, and then using transfer paper center it in your tray. Then using transfer paper again, transfer the "merry christmas" that is printed in the 2nd color. 

And voila! 

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