DIY Holiday Glass Blocks

A couple of Christmases ago my sister-in-law painted glass blocks (she is a super talented artist) and filled them with Christmas lights. I don't have the talent to actually hand paint anything, but I do have a handy, dandy silhouette cameo! 

I got the glass blocks in the holiday section at Lowes. They were $8.50 each, are they out there anywhere for cheaper?! Then got to searching on pinterest for just the right design/saying. I went with "Ho Ho Ho" with a couple of snow flakes. I typed up the Ho Ho Ho and traced a snowflake image using the trace tool in silhouette studio.

I cut the vinyl, and laid the transfer tape over the ho ho ho, then lined up the snowflakes under there too, so that I could lay it all down at once.

I didn't like how the snowflakes weren't very visible because of the white lights in the block, so I tried green lights in the block, still no good. I decided to change the snowflakes out for Christmas trees, added a bow to the top and it's much better now!

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