DIY Christmas Tree Sign

Like I said yesterday, I've been crafting up a storm with my silhouette cameo. I saw this pin and loved the black, white and glittery gold but am not really one to put up deer heads in my house, so I decided to take it in a different direction. 

I used a canvas panel, painters tape, black spray paint and glitter gold vinyl along with my silhouette cameo. 

Put the painters tape on the canvas in strips going all the way across (the parts that are white in this picture were covered in painters tape). 

Spray paint it lightly with black, making sure that it is all covered, but not too thick (it could bleed under the tape if you soak it with paint). Let the paint dry and peel up the tape, you will have a black and white striped canvas! 

Lastly, I designed the Christmas tree in my silhouette studio, cut it and used transfer tape to place it on the dry canvas. 

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