DIY Santa Ornament

I'm still a crafting machine over here with my silhouette cameo! We are attending a Christmas party where you are asked to bring an ornament for their tree, so instead of buying something typical from the store I scoured pinterest for something creative (but not too girly) that I could make using my silhouette cameo and the clear glass ornaments you can get at your craft store.

I found this cute Santa ornament but wasn't sure how long M&Ms can last (year after year?). Especially if you're like me and store your ornaments in your not-heat-controlled attic, that could get pretty messy. 

I decided to go with the shredded crinkle paper instead of M&Ms. 

I got glass ornaments, red shredded crinkle paper, green ribbon and used my silhouette cameo to cut black for the belt and gold for the buckle!

First, stuff as much red crinkle paper in to the ornament that you can fit. You will probably need to use a pen or something of the sort to shove the paper in the tiny opening at the top. Put the lid back on the ornament, you are done with that!

I cut the belt (a strip of black vinyl) and buckle (a "curved" square with another inside of it) with my silhouette cameo. I may add a green ribbon later, but figured it would blend in with the tree anyways! 

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