100th Post!

We have officially blogged 100 posts, so you know what that means! Okay maybe you don't, so let me explain. On your 100th blog post, you are supposed to post 100 things about your life. I am going to split it up 25 at a time, so you don't want to poke your eyes out by the end of this! Plus I'll be busy in Disney World and not blogging about other stuff this week!

1. Trey went to ECU for 2.5 years, he only applied there because one of his good friends did. Then his friend decided not to go, but he went anyways! He transferred to NCSU after 2.5 years.

2. He went to NCSU for 3 years and graduated from there. So we pull for the pirates and the wolfpack, unless of course they are playing each other!

3. I applied to pretty much every public UNC System school in NC. I didn't really know what I wanted to do/where I wanted to go. As soon as I got accepted to NCSU, I knew that's where I wanted to go. It hit me.

4. I decided I wanted to be a teacher about a week after the Teaching Fellows scholarship applications were due. Great timing. Not.

5. Trey majored in the IT field at ECU.

6. When he filled out his application to transfer to State he was interested in the golf field and accidentally applied for the professional golf management program. They contacted him to ask about his handicap and he switched his application to turfgrass science. He now works as management on a golf course.

7. We met through one of my best friends, Kristen.

8. My senior year of college the three of us were like the three musketeers.

9. Trey and I were really good friends at first, not interested in a relationship, but couldn't deny our connection. (cheesy enough?)

10. He finally kissed me in a taxicab on the way home one night :)

11. At the beginning of our relationship my nickname for him was Sexyface (made up by a friend actually when we went bowling one night). I think it's accurate still.

12. For spring break of my senior year we went on a trip with friends to Tortola (British Virgin Islands). It was one of the most fun vacations I have ever taken.
View from our balcony

The 3 Musketeers

So young!

13. We went sailing with these awesome older men that we met at our resort, surfing and snorkeling.

14. Trey found a starfish when we went snorkeling! But put it back of course.

15. On our flight back from Tortola we got stuck in NYC during our layover. Trey had never been there. The flight was overbooked and they needed people to give up their seats and they would recieve a flight voucher. I have always wanted to be able to do that and get a voucher, and we had the time!

16. We took advantage of that, got a hotel and went in to the city the next day before our flight! We had barely anything with us, as our luggage was on it's way to Raleigh. We went up the empire state building, even though it was foggy, since Trey had never been there.

17. We got stuck again. That flight was canceled because of intense winds in Raleigh. So we stayed the night again! But made it home the next day :)

18. That summer I was planning to live with Kristen at the beach and wait tables (in between graduating and starting teaching in August). Trey's parents live at the same beach and he went there for the summer to do an internship on the golf course they live on. We were excited to be able to spend the summer together.

19. Kristen had to go to "rock camp" (she's a geologist now!) for the first month of the summer, but I wanted to go on down and start making money. My original plan was to stay with Trey for 3-4 days and work, then come back to Raleigh for 3-4 days. Well a) gas was almost $4/gallon then and I drove a Wrangler, b) the money was nice working c) the restaurant likes to just schedule you whenever they want and d) I was playing house with my boyfriend.. why leave!

20. Well Kristen made it back to the beach and I was supposed to move over to her house along with our friend Amanda, but it was 3 girls and 2 bedrooms, and I just ended up staying at Trey's all summer :)

21. That was one of the most amazing summers ever. I got to know my future in-laws really well, lived at the beach, got sun during the day, made money at night and hung out with my best friends every day. Kristen, Amanda, Trey and I all worked at the Channel Marker. It was a blast.

22. When we came back to Raleigh Trey and I got seperate apartments, not wanting to rush things. That was basically a waste of money. He and Vegas stayed with me every night. He had a roommate at the apartment that he rented that was in the same situation with his girlfriend. The four of us would occasionally go grill out at their apartment and joke about how that was a $500 dinner.

23. I graduated from NCSU in May of 2008 and started teaching at Leesville in August 2008.

24. Trey was still in school but started working on a golf course in town to get some experience.

25. He graduated in December 2009 from NCSU!

Stay tuned tomorrow for #26-50!

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