Disney Trip: Days 1-3

Days 1 & 2 are mostly travel but I'm counting each day that we were "on vacation"!

We just got back from an awesome spring break vacation to Disney World! We left Friday afternoon and drove part of the way down. We stopped at a Flying J in South Carolina (you can park your truck or RV there overnight) and then got up early Saturday morning to continue the drive.

Playing fetch on the ride down

It was a decent drive, 95 wasn't too bad but when we got on I-4 in Florida it was very congested! We were backed up for about 5 or so miles and it turns out when we got there, there were fire trucks on the side road near the highway and all of that back up was just for people rubber necking!! Annoying! It started to rain as we got close but that was the most rain we had all week, not too bad!

Arriving in the rain

Some of our inside easter decorations

We finally arrived at Fort Wilderness Campground around 3 on Saturday afternoon. It was still a little bit rainy but pretty much dried up as soon as we got parked. We stayed in the 700 loop of the campground, pretty much the closest loop to all of the action. The campground is huge and is a lot of fun, especially during holidays like Christmas and Halloween - people decorate their campsites, some get really decked out.

Saturday night we pretty much just got parked and hung out for a while, relaxing. We took the dogs out for a walk and found the dog park. They thoroughly enjoyed being able to run around, since they had been cooped up for so long. 

We love to just hang out on the patio

Day 3: Sunday morning we took our time getting up and moving. We slept in a little, I took Tyson for a run (good for me and gets some energy out of him!) and we cooked breakfast outside of the RV on our grill and ate breakfast at the picnic table. We used to do that all the time when we went camping with my grandparents.
Our breakfast!

Some outside decoration... from Nana and Pop's camper back in the day!

Our golfcart, decorated for easter... they light up!

Around noon we made our way in to the park for the first time -- we headed over to Disney's Hollywood Studios for a while, rode lots of rides and enjoyed the shows. We ate a late lunch/early dinner at Hollywood & Vine buffet - it was great! We were pretty impressed with all of the meals that we ate throughout the week.

Tower of Terror!

Some of the icons in Hollywood Studios

I will be posting about the rest of our trip throughout the week!

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