Truck Race in Rockingham

Rockingham Speedway opened back up this weekend for the first time. It shut down years ago, someone else bought it and is trying to get things re-established. The Nascar Sprint Cup Series hasn't returned there yet, but that is the goal, they started this weekend with the truck series. We were there making history!

When my parents heard about it opening back up, and the ability to take the RV they decided to go, and since it was on our anniversary weekend they took us and invited Trey's parents to go and take their RV and park right next to us. The grandstands on the back stretch were taken out and RVs can park right up next to the fence (there is space between, then the track/safety fence). We were very close to the action!

Friday after work we headed to mom & dads and hit the road in their new RV. They traded in the old one after we got back from Disney, so this was the first trip in it! It was pretty fun to explore the new one but we definitely had a few "how do you use this" moments!

Vegas loves to be the driver

The dash board isn't as big on this one as it was in the last (because it is a diesel, so the engine is in the back) but the dogs still somewhat fit up there:

After a bit of a fiasco Friday evening, we were finally able to get in to our parking spot. The "credentials office" aka the check in for RVs was closed by 6pm on Friday, when they were supposed to be open 24/7. Luckily we had written down our confirmation information and half of our party (Trey's parents) were already inside with their "credentials" aka wristbands.

Our two "campsites"

You can already see paint on the wall where someone rubbed the wall during qualifying

Friday the 13th continued to be interesting... as we put a pipe on the generator exhaust (so we didn't blow it all over our neighbors -- you are packed in there tight and there are no plug ins yet, you run on your generator or just leave the windows open) and dad had to go to the top of the RV... coming back down the ladder a piece of plastic on the side got caught in his ring and jammed both into his finger pretty bad -it was swollen to about 3 times it's size and our neighbors (who had seemingly every tool in their truck) ended up having to cut his ring off!! After icing it for a while it all ended up okay and we are getting his ring put back together :)

Saturday morning Trey made breakfast on the grill and we enjoyed it outside in the beautiful weather.

During the day Saturday there was practice for the truck drivers, a UARA race (smaller scale, local racers) and then old school cars racing. Both of those races were 75 miles - my length race!! Fun, entertaining but doesn't go on and on and on.

Wreck in turn 2

Dogs in the window during the races on Saturday

Time to relax

Sleepy head

Enjoying sunbathing

We grilled out for dinner and just had a nice relaxing night watching the Sprint Cup Race on TV!

Grilling and watching the race

Begging dogs

Sunday morning my chef made breakfast again and then the race started at 1:00. The trucks were much louder than the other cars so we put the dogs inside the RV. The windows were open so we didn't have to run the generator and then fireworks went off to start the race. Right. Behind. The. RV. So loud that I felt the boom in my body. The poor dogs of course heard it too, I looked back and Ty was running around frantically, so I went in and he was running around trying to figure out how to get safe, while Vegas was in the back under the bed shaking. She was scared but got over it after about 20 minutes. Tyson, however, was still freaking out for about an hour. The race started and I came in to comfort him and watched the first part of it in the RV, out the front windshield -- still a good view. Trey came in and took over doggie duty and I went up top to watch part of the race.

Parachuting in for the start of the race!

They landed on the track!

Blowing smoke on the way down!

Watching the race from on top of the RV

About halfway through we all came in and had a lunch break, and Tyson was finally calming down.

Veggie spread at lunch

It wasn't a very eventful race, but it was good -- Kasey Kahne started in the back of the pack (because he wasn't there for qualifying, since he was driving in Texas in the Sprint Cup Series on Saturday) and ended up winning!

It was a wonderful weekend. I am so glad that our families get along so well, we can even vacation together! It was so nice to spend our anniversary weekend with the people who made it all possible.

Well, grandma, I want to ride with you

I just love you sooo much, grandma. You're my fave.

Yep, all the way home

Just a little spoiled

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