My New Vac-then-Steam!

I hate cleaning my floors. But more than I hate cleaning, I hate dirty floors. And with 2 dogs and a doggie door and a backyard that has been lacking in grass and full of dirt our hardwood floors get dirty FAST. My awesome in-laws gave us this Shark Vac-then-Steam for our anniversary, I posted about here.

I finally had the time to clean yesterday and decided to bust out the new tool. You start by vacuuming the floor, then once it is clean you can steam mop. You could sweep instead of use the vacuum but I don't really like sweeping and the vacuum works really well.

Dirty floor to begin with

After you vacuum you add water to the back and turn it on to get hot, them steam mop! It dries quickly and cleans pretty well! It was also pretty fun since it's a new "toy"... I'm sure that will get old fast though.

Filled with water

The mop pad that attaches to the bottom

Look at all that steam!!! How exciting

Maybe I'll be on a cleaning kick for a while :)

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