Fun Facts 75-100

76. Trey's parents live at the beach and we try our best to get there as many weekends as possible, especially in the summer. The dogs LOVE the beach! And so do we!

77. We go to Red Lobster for Lobsterfest every year for his birthday (Lobsterfest is always in March!) but no other times!

78. We have gone to/go to Busch Gardens repeatedly! We enjoy theme parks :)

79. My family LOVES Disney World and I am so grateful that I have found a man who loves it too, okay maybe not quite as much but he enjoys going and doesn't think we're crazy. We go there repeatedly also. It's just a fun, happy place!

80.We rented a photobooth for our wedding, it was such a blast. We had a scrapbook instead of guest book, one of the best ideas ever. I highly recommend anyone getting married to get a photobooth!

81. I love my dogs. A LOT. As if you didn't already know that. My dad joked when we got engaged, asking who I loved more, Trey or Vegas! 

82. Trey is the oldest of two kids (younger sister), I am the youngest of two (older brother) and we are hoping to have two kids :)

83. Last summer, his sister went through boot camp for the US Coast Guard. We went to Cape May for her graduation and decided to head to Atlantic City for the night after. Have I mentioned that I love that my husband is always up for an adventure?

84.We go to Delaware every December for Christmas with his stepdad's family. This year we went to the Dogfish Head Brewery - it was awesome! Can't wait to go back.

85.We LOVE the Wolfpack and thoroughly enjoy Football season!

86. We also LOVE basketball season, especially this year! Vegas however gets a little stressed out during basketball season when her daddy yells at the tv! She runs upstairs.

87. I love decorating for holidays, especially Christmas! 

88. Fall is my favorite time of year. That is kind of surprising since I'm a teacher and have summers "off" (although I've had a summer job every year). There are tons of breaks in our schedule at school, football season, Christmas coming up! It's just so exciting.

89. Pinterest is my new obsession, I love all of the DIY stuff, have tried a few and can't wait to do more! That's my summer plans this year :)

90.Trey LOVES Reese's. This year we got him a reese's cheesecake for his birthday. It was huge and has lasted a while. 

91. Our favorite shows, that we DVR every week, are Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, The Middle, Modern Family, Rules of Engagement, Chelsea Lately, The New Girl, Californication and probably my absolute favorite: Shameless.

92. Trey LOVES horror movies. I hate them.

93. I'm quite the "worrier," Trey is not at all. I am getting better, with his help!

94. I love memories. I attempt to scrapbook about big trips and things but that is part of the reason I started this blog. This is my virtual scrapbook. Actually, I'm working on printing out my first "year" of blogs!

95. I think that bought flowers are a waste of money. I've never been big into flowers and things like that. Years ago, Trey picked flowers for me, well before he knew this about me :)

96. My parents dogs (aka my dogs growing up) both passed away in the last year. I miss them every day. I loved seeing my dogs interact with them. Thank goodness for pictures and my adorable babies to keep me entertained. 

97. I love my family. They mean the world to me. I am so blessed to have great in-laws, too. We have the best parents and siblings!

98.Trey is definitely the chef in the house. He is a way better cook than I am and can make things without a recipe. For the most part, I have to stick to a recipe. But if you are reading this you have probably read my blog before and seen that I am attempting to cook more!

99. I got an iPhone in the fall when my droid was on the fritz. Trey just got one for his birthday. We are now addicted to scramble with friends. He kicks my butt. Every single time. But I'm getting better!!

100. I AM TIRED! Hope you enjoyed :)

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