On Sunday morning Trey and I decided that we didn't want to just head back home yet, so we decided to go to the Biltmore House! It was a gorgeous day and perfect weather to be out there. We purchased headsets to get the audio tour for $10 each and it was well worth it. It gives way more information than the booklet you carry around and it was pretty cool to learn about the house and the family that built it.

After we toured the house, we went out to the gardens. It was the middle of their flower and garden festival, which I guess means more flowers than normally are there. It was definitely pretty, but just having been at Epcot's flower and garden festival gave us pretty high standards and it did not compare to Disney.

While walking around we saw the flowers that were used in our wedding!

The estate is HUGE. It is just crazy, one wing of the house, made up of 4 bedrooms is over 1900 square feet. That is bigger than our house! And the grounds are huge, it took us 20 minutes to drive out when we left! I can't imagine how long it took people to access the house back in the early 1900s.

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