We go to Darlington with my parents every year, and in the past when we have gone my brother has kept the dogs. This year, however, he was out on a 311 cruise so we had to come up with a new plan! I decided to ask my cousin/my aunt to watch them. They have 2 lab/retriever mixes and they all got along wonderfully! Vegas and Tyson had a blast and it was so nice to not be stressed about how they were doing, we knew they were well taken care of and being loved on often. We also got updates about how things were going :)

Friday night, Tyson was wired and played non stop, even after the 3 girls were napping...
Lucy sleeping

Play with me!!

Tyson playing his favorite game with his cousin Dain

Vegas got tired of his shenanigans so she took his toy
My other cousin, Patrick, started playing the piano in the middle of Tyson's wild-man play time and he literally stopped playing and was fascinated with it! The savage beast just calmed right down! So crazy!

He's calm!

Saturday morning I got an update saying that Izzy (the light colored lab) and Tyson were having a blast running around playing in the backyard while Vegas and Lucy napped. Friday night overnight they both stayed in Dain's room with him... Vegas on her bed and Tyson on Dain :) That's what he does best!

Queen of the ottoman
Sunday afternoon, everyone was resting:

Our dogs came home so tired, it was amazing!! They had a blast and we are so happy that everyone enjoyed their weekend together. I am so grateful that we have amazing family that will take care of our babies for us.

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