Welcome Back to America Dinner

My best friend recently went to China for 10 days with her MBA program, for an international business class. She definitely enjoyed herself and got to take in a lot of new experiences, but she was very ready to be back in the US!

We get together for dinner pretty much every week anyways, so last week I had them over for dinner a couple of days after she got back. I asked her if she cared what we ate for dinner and she said American food!

That was easy! So I went pretty basic American... burgers and fries!

I decided to try homemade fries and be a little bit healthier than just buying the bag at the store. I found this website that had directions for homemade fries, so I gave it a try!

I don't have a tool to cut the potatoes so I did it by hand... not very fun. And no chopping experience is complete with out a nice slit to the finger. It still stings. Before I make these again, I will definitely purchase a tool to cut them!

I soaked them in water (like the recipe said, to get the starch out and make it so they crisp better... I love crispy fries!), then dried them off and put them on wax paper to add salt, pepper and olive oil. Note to self: next time do the olive oil first, salt & pepper will stick better!

I forgot to flip them until about 15 minutes in (they cooked for about 45 minutes total) and when I went to flip them I used a plastic spatula so I ended up breaking the potatoes off instead of scraping up the part that was starting to stick.... next time a metal spatula would work better!

They did turn out pretty decent though, and yummy. I forgot to take a picture of the final product though... we were hungry!

And we had to have a delicious desert, so I made cheesecake filled strawberries! I found the recipe on pinterest and will post it tomorrow :)

And I also have to mention that while she was in China she bought me a cute little wine bottle cover and pearls! A very pretty, real, peral bracelet! :)

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