Walking To Falls Lake

We have been taking the dogs out to go for walks through the woods and around creeks lately and they love it. My parents live almost on Falls Lake so we decided to go to their house Sunday afternoon and go for a walk through the woods behind their house to and around the lake.

Tyson and Vegas love to run ahead of us on the path and then turn around to check for us, or if they get too far we just whistle for them and they come flying back down the path. They must run at least twice what we walk. They also jump in and out of the creek along the path as we walk.

We got close to the lake and they followed the creek on down to it. We called them but they weren't coming very fast... because they were already out swimming in the lake! Vegas has always enjoyed swimming and Tyson enjoyed it last year, but now he loves it. He is a little swimming machine. We could barely get him out!

View of the lake near my parents' house
We continued walking, letting them pop in and out of the lake at different points and anytime they find water they run down to it to jump in.

We ended up walking about 2.5 miles, so I would imagine that Vegas and Tyson were probably close to double that. After baths when we got home they were knocked out! It's so nice to go wear them out and have tired babies when we get home :)

My outdoor-loving boy had his head out the whole way home

Tired girl!
 My little swimmer:

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