Beach Weekend

Mandy decided to come home for her birthday so we picked her up at the airport Friday night and went to the beach for the weekend! We hadn't been planning on going to the beach but it was a beautiful weekend to randomly decide to spend down there :)

Saturday we went to the Newport Flea Mall (always interesting) and had a delicious lunch at Olive Garden. They actually have a special right now, for $12.95 you get "dinner today and dinner tomorrow".. I got five cheese ziti and got the special... the normal price is $11.95, so for $1 more I got another one! Pretty awesome.

Saturday night Aunt Beth & Bonnie came over for dinner and they made a great seafood dinner. We had fried shrimp, soft shell crab, blackened mahi, squash fritters and homemade coleslaw.

Sunday we got up and took the dogs on an early morning walk on the beach, it was perfect out. They love running up and down the beach chasing birds and the tennis ball. Tyson loves to run into the water and isn't afraid of the waves!

When we left Sunday afternoon we dropped Mandy off for lunch, so on the way there Vegas sat in her lap, happy as can be - sun on her face, looking out the window, sitting in Mandy's lap!

She just loves car rides

We also found gas for $3.34 in Goldsboro on the way home! So much cheaper than anything else!

My tired babies Sunday night:

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