Sneaky Girl

A few weeks ago, Trey aerated and seeded our yard, and we have kept the dogs off the backyard ever since to let the grass grow and get strong roots before we let them run like wild animals out there. We have had trouble keeping grass back there because they run a path between 2 corners of our yard checking for squirrels :) We thought maybe if we keep them off of it long enough (probably a couple of months) it will get decent roots and won't be totally torn up.... we can dream, right?!

Even growing grass in what was previously a pine straw corner

There never used to be grass here!

So since Tyson is still a wild boy at times when they are home alone, and he doesn't have the back yard to run around in and get his energy out, we crate him most of the time when we are gone. Last week, their Aunt B came over at lunch and let them out to play (out front) and then I said she could just shut the baby gate to the kitchen and leave the door open to let them onto the screened in porch. So they had the kitchen & screened in porch to hang out in, but the door on the screened in porch to the back yard was closed. I came home a few hours later to find Tyson greeting me at the gate (as usual) and Vegas wasn't with him. I figured maybe she was still on the porch enjoying herself. I walked out there and didn't see her! I started to wonder if she was in the house upstairs or something when I heard her little jingle come trotting over to the porch door... from the backyard! Somehow the porch door was closed and Vegas was on the other side of it!

After some searching I discovered how she made her way out:

Through a weak spot in the screen. When Trey powerwashed the deck a while back some of the screen spots came loose but were still somewhat in tact. Well we can only assume that Vegas was in her normal position (behind the chairs in the corner, stalking squirrels) and some squirrel was just taunting her too much, so she had to get to him! This is the dog that will not jump over a 2 foot baby gate... and yep she jumped out the screen!! Clearly, she's comfortable with it:

And to think, the "mischievous" boy was following the rules the whole time :)

She just loves being outside... this was a little bit later when I let them out front to go potty and hang out. She refuses to come in some sunny afternoons.

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