NCSU vs Maryland

Last weekend we went up to Maryland for the NC State vs Maryland football game.

On the way up we stopped in Alexandria to visit our friends, Terry & Melissa that have moved up there. We went out with them in Old Town Alexandria. It is so quaint... I loved it! Reminds me of Charleston. We went out to an Irish Pub there and ran into Kimberly! So random that we would see her there! They were in DC that weekend for an engagement party and just also randomly went to that bar!

We stayed at Cherry Hill RV park with Brenna, Loyd and Allison in Loyd's RV. We tailgated at the RV Saturday, grilled for lunch and then headed over to the stadium.

 Cheddar wearing a football helmet... he didn't like it very much!

Marianna's sister Maddi goes to Maryland so they were tailgating with some of her friends and we met up with them shortly before the game. Mikey was tired from their drive up and was being entertained by watching Mickey Mouse.

The game was pretty intense... we pulled out a close one and it was a lot of fun.

We won!!
The next day was a pretty drive home as the leaves were changing!
 Everybody was tired after a long weekend.... (Vegas is in there too!)

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