Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation Gala

Last Friday night Trey and I attended the Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation's 4th annual Gala at the Angus Barn Pavilions. We were "in charge" of my two favorite kiddos, the inspiration behind the foundation. Their parents, who I have babysat for, for over five years now, started the foundation as a way to pay forward the blessing of being able to have children. They struggled with infertility, were able to go through the IVF process to have a beautiful baby girl, then surprise, got pregnant naturally with number 2! They wanted to make someone else's dreams come true, since IVF is such an expensive process that most employers' insurance does not cover. The foundation has blossomed since then and they have already helped four couples have babies and five more are pregnant!

So adorable
Every year, they have a fundraiser gala and this year we were lucky enough to be a part of it. It was a gorgeous night at the pavilions, it is a beautiful place to hold an event!

The centerpiece on our table
 There was a silent auction, unbelievable dinner, a live auction and the evening finished up on the dance floor.
Sophia said the prayer before dinner and we were fed ah-maz-ing food. It just melted in your mouth.

We didn't get to do too much dancing, since by the time that happened it was getting late and the kiddos were getting tired and cranky, so we took them on home, but we still had a wonderful time supporting a great cause.

One of the large centerpieces that I was able to bring home:

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