Kitchen Disasters

While cooking the cheesy chicken rice soup that I posted about yesterday, I had quite a few disasters. Luckily it still turned out delicious but I was about to give up at one point!

As I was cooking the rice for the soup, it boiled over (that happens to me almost every time, no big deal, right?) Well after it continued to cook, the smoke alarm kept going off. It is very sensitive and annoying, so I thought nothing of it. After the rice was cooked, I took it off and put it on the back burner, continuing to chop veggies. Well I looked in there a little while later and there was a bit of brown on the top of the rice... it was somehow burnt! And I looked at the bottom... TOTALLY BURNT TO THE POT! How does that even happen?! Apparently I WAS burning something when the smoke alarm went off.

No huge ordeal... make some more rice....

Well after I got the cheese sauce made in our massive pan, I picked it up trying to pour it into the veggie pot. I am holding it with my left hand, trying to get the pot situated on the stove so that I can pour this in and spill as little as possible (conisdering the pan is way bigger than the pot opening). Well my left arm is definitely weaker than my right... and this pan was HEAVY. I tried to catch it, but was hesitant because the pot was still hot... and whoops there went part of my cheese sauce!

Luckily I caught it soon enough that I didn't waste too much, but made quite a mess. I will have to see how different the soup is next time with 100% of the sauce included!

I left the mess while I finished cooking the soup, and my two little helpers came to the rescue. They cleaned the floor and I figured I would clean the range later.... well Tyson took it upon himself to help me out :)

And here's the mess of the stove after I finished cooking (rice overflow baked on to the burner and cheese all over the place).

At least the soup was still yummy!

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