Bottling Day

We bottled our third beer on Sunday and I took a few pictures of the process and thought I would explain what we do to get it from the fermentation bucket, to the bottles and ready to drink.

We first transfer the beer from the fermentation bucket (gets "icky" from the yeast) to the bottling bucket.

While we are doing that we run the bottles through the dishwasher just to rinse them out (no soap).

Then we put the bottles in a big bucket to sanitize, and take them back out and put them back in the top of the dishwasher to dry out.

Once the beer is in the bottling bucket, we connect the tubing and begin filling!

One of us fills the bottles and the other caps them with this handheld capper.

Not too difficult but a little time consuming... and definitely makes a little bit of a mess to clean up! The beer has to sit in the bottles for another 7-10 days before it is ready to drink.

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