Last week after we got home from the race, we stopped by Christy and Jonathan's to pick up Speckles and Bailey. Christy was running in the Boston Marthon so we kept them while they were out of town. Luckily, she is a fast runner and was well out of the way by the time the bombings happened. She also did a great job and finished the marathon in 3 hours, 29 minutes! Here's a picture of her that I stole from her instagram :) Super proud of my bestest:

Speckles and Bailey had been staying at their house but being let out multiple times a day, so they were really excited to see us and go home with us:

They snuggled up for bed:
 Speckles wanting love after I came back from a run:
 Bailey, being her weird self a licking Anna for way too long:
 Loving on Uncle Trey:

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