Rockingham Truck Race

The truck race in Rockingham falls on our anniversary weekend so we have started to make it a tradition to go to the race with our parents each year. Last year, right after Disney, we celebrated our first anniversary there.
This year our parents went down ahead of us and Trey and I packed up the dogs and drove down after work on Friday. A couple days before was his mom's birthday so Frank got us all this cake to celebrate our anniversary and her birthday:

We enjoyed burgers on the grill Friday night and some quality family time, Tyson was excited to snuggle with his grandpa:

It was a gorgeous weekend, we enjoyed cooking breakfast, lounging around and watching qualifying:

We decided to take a walk to explore the merchandise tents and all of the goods on the front side of the track. (We are parked where the bleachers used to be on the back stretch so we just walked around the outside). We found "The Rock" and played the lottery. For every $7 you spent on lottery tickets you got to spin a wheel, so we did and kept winning on our scratch offs and got to spin the wheel quite a few times. We walked away with t-shirts, cups and bobble heads!

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast outside again and watched some of the Master's before the race started.

A glimpse of our setup:

Watching the race from the top of the RV:

Sporting his new shirt:

When the race started they set off fireworks, and I'm pretty sure they were set off incredibly close to where we parked the motorhome. Needless to say the dogs were not a fan of the loud blast and Tyson was pretty nervous for the rest of the race so his wonderful grandma watched a majority of the race from inside while comforting him:
He enjoyed being the co-pilot on the way home, though:

And Trey enjoyed being able to watch the exciting end of the Masters while we drove home:

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