Fun Filled Saturday

Last Saturday we went to my brother's house to watch the NCSU vs WFU game, let the dogs play with his friend's 1 year old boxer and grill some nice meat to drink with some nice beers we have been cellaring for a while. 

The dogs were incredibly excited to see their Uncle Chad. Everyone loves Uncle Chad and wants to give him lots of kisses.

The game was a bust but they came over with Ella at about halftime so the dogs got to play and were wild. It was so cute to see Tyson play with another boxer. They are so similar! 
 Exhausted from playing!
 Gorgeous Ella
 Arguing over who gets to sit on Uncle Chad
 Taking out her rowdiness on a tree

On our way, we picked up steaks from The Meat House. They were SO good. Brad, the grillmaster grilled them along with some veggies and a couple of buffalo shrimp. We enjoyed a few delicious craft beers and later made a fire in the new chimney that Chad won at Tasty Beverage the week before! 

Vegas enjoyed her bed at Uncle Chad's for the night :)

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