Odds & Ends

More pictures of what we've been up to lately... a little bit of this, a little bit of that:

We enjoyed Raleigh beer week: 

First pumpkin beer of the season:

 Vegas spends many hours staring up at the top of that filing cabinet at my parents' house, her laser light sits up there

Trey brewed a stout and the yeast went to work like crazy, we ended up having to vent it this way... our bathroom was a mess for a few days

 Loving this fall weather and patio time

 Brenna and Loyd met us at Tasu one night. Brenna drank wine. At a Japanese restaurant!!

 On a really nice Saturday morning Trey and I went to Umstead aiming for a 5 mile run... 6.5 miles later we finally found the car! 

Lazy family Sunday

 Tyson working on his problem solving skills

 Next problem to solve: how to get it back from big sis

 Mexican Friday night with Christy and Jonathan:

 Another barkbox came in the mail!

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