Kat & Sadler's Wedding Weekend

Last weekend we spent the weekend in Pinetops for Kat & Sadler's wedding. The entire weekend was amazing. Katherine and her family spent so much time and energy building, creating and preparing for their backyard farm wedding. I was seriously amazed at how awesome it turned out. I can't wait to see the professional pictures since my iPhone pics sure didn't capture just how beautiful it was!
The cotton surrounds their house... so cool!

Friday night was the rehearsal (Trey was one of Sadler's groomsmen) and after rehearsal there was a pig pickin, drinks and a dj so we could dance the night away.

 Decorated with tobacco!


We all crashed there at Katherine's parents house and woke up Saturday morning to help put on the finishing touches. Seriously, I walked downstairs and there was a bucket lift in the backyard being used to hang lighting from the tree. There were friends and relatives prepping everything and we tried to help the best we could :) 
 Lots of prep work being done

 Hanging the wreath

 My input... help lay the tablecloths!

After that I headed out with the boys to go shoot skeet. I had never shot a gun before but they taught me how. I hit the skeet the first time I tried! It was exhilarating. 

Sadler & his groomsmen

Trey and I headed to the hotel to check in for Saturday night and take a quick power nap. His nap didn't last long because he had to head back to the house to get ready and take bridal party pictures. Luckily I didn't have to be ready yet so I got to rest a little while longer and head over in a couple of hours :)

It was misting a little bit as we sat and waited for the bridal party to walk down the isle but it stopped just in time for them to come out. The backdrop was gorgeous and all of the planning and hard work paid off, it was beautiful! 

 You may kiss your bride!

After the wedding we danced the night away... they had a band for the reception and then a dj for the after party and luckily had a shuttle to get us back to the hotel! 

It was seriously the most fun wedding weekend with a great group of people. 

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