Cruise Day 4 - Falmouth, Jamaica

On Wednesday morning we woke up as we were arriving in Jamaica! The land in the distance in the picture below is Jamaica, from our balcony. 

We hit the gym after waking up, this was our view from the treadmill as we pulled into port.

Trey and I went on an excursion called Go Native. We stopped by an old church in Montego Bay, then drove through the country to get to a plantation where many fruits and plants are grown. We were fed a lunch that was a sample of a lot of different Jamaican foods. 

Driving through Montego Bay and then into the countryside was very interesting. This construction is being held up by sticks!

I accidentally got Trey's hat in the edge of this picture, but that is a "rope" of tobacco, the guy sells it by the foot. 

I guess the trash guy is coming soon?

It was a farmers market day, these people are selling their goods

Their version of WalMart

Houses in Jamaica are built 1 room at a time, as the owner gets the money to build more they do. So the houses have an interesting look. 

Our lunch

Back on the ship, the view of the port

Royal Caribbean recently helped update an old port, so we docked in Falmouth. There was nothing nearby and you had to drive into Montego Bay or go on some kind of excursion straight from the port. Johns Hall is where the plantation we went to was. 

Back on the ship, the drink of the day was Cool Running

That night we went to an ice skating show, it was pretty good! We enjoyed the shows and entertainment on the cruise

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