Spring Break Cruise - Royal Caribbean: Freedom of the Seas Days 1 & 2

After our quick Disney trip we got to Port Canaveral around noon. We parked at the Park N Cruise nearby. After a AAA discount it was about $45 cheaper than parking in the parking deck at the port. However, you do have to wait and take a shuttle, then it is somewhat expected that you tip the shuttle drivers. On the way there we only waited about 5 minutes for the shuttle but the morning we got off coming back I had been wishing we parked there, it probably added about 30 minutes to our morning, waiting for others to load, loading the luggage and the drive over there. Overall, Park N Cruise did a nice job and definitely saved us money. 

I didn't remember the terminal being so big/nice and like that of an airport. We checked in quickly and had to wait for our number to be called to board the boat. While we were waiting they were selling lanyards for your SeaPass cards. We debated before getting one, Trey had pockets to carry his but I knew I would rarely have pockets and your SeaPass card is basically your ID and money on the ship so we sucked it up and bought a lanyard for $10 and we were very glad we did!

We had a balcony stateroom that was actually on the very back of the ship! It turned out to be pretty awesome as it was much larger than side balconies and did not go right to the edge. The blue space behind it was extra space (for the decks below, the decks got shorter the higher you went). So no worries for those fears of heights! It was a pretty cool view for the week with plenty of space to lounge. 

After getting settled we explored the ship, grabbing a drink and checking out the pool deck. 

Every night we had dinner in the main dining room. The food was great and the service was awesome so we never felt the need to pay extra for one of the additional dining options (a Mexican restaurant, a steakhouse 

On our first full day at sea we got up and decided to hit the gym. We knew we would be eating and drinking a lot and tried to counteract that a little bit! Then we enjoyed the gorgeous day on our balcony before hitting the pool to get some sun!

The second night in the dining room was more formal, they served duck and steak so we tried a little bit of both!

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