Cruise Day 5 - Georgetown, Grand Caymen

On Thursday morning we finally got up early enough to see the sunrise!

We didn't have anything planned for the day in Grand Caymen, so we took advantage of a spa deal and got massages that morning before getting off the ship for the day. 

In Grand Caymen the ship does not dock, instead you have to take tender boats to get to the island. It wasn't bad, but you have to wait in a bit of a line, it isn't as quick as just being able to walk on and off the ship. 

We had heard that 7 mile beach was a nice place to spend the day and it was only about a mile or so away so we decided to walk and check out the sights along the way. We stopped for a drink and a gorgeous view. 

Grand Caymen is very pretty (and safe, which is why we didn't mind walking). We quickly decided that it would be a great place to vacation, but it is not cheap! 

7 mile beach!

The water was gorgeous 

We walked along the beach for a while until we came across a pretty popular area, which turns out to be where the taxis drop people off (if we had decided to taxi instead of walk). There was a restaurant/bar where we had lunch before heading back to the ship. 

Delicious local beer

Notice that says 5 beers for $28.75 as the special. Yikes.

We did a little shopping before getting back on the ship!

Dinner on Thursday was lobster! Ah-maz-ing

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