Spring Break: Disney & a cruise!

During one of the many snowy days this winter, Trey and I decided we needed to head south to somewhere warm! We had been talking about taking a cruise for a couple of years now and decided that we would go on one for my spring break. We found one that left from Port Canaveral (a decent length drive so that we didn't have to fly). Since it was leaving from Port Canaveral (basically Orlando) we decided to stop in to Disney World and use old hopper passes that still have remaining days on them! :) 

 We got up before the sun on Saturday and made it to Orlando pretty easily. We checked in at our hotel - the Disney World Dolphin (they have teacher discounts!) and then walked to EPCOT. 

It was rainy off and on throughout the day. At one point we hid from the rain in Mexico enjoying a passionfruit margarita. Sidenotes - passion fruit is my new favorite flavor. 

The Flower and Garden Festival is such a beautiful time in EPCOT. 

 A butterfly house! 

 Riding Spaceship Earth

We hopped the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom to continue our evening. 

Sunday morning we had brunch at Boma, a brunch buffett at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. 

The buffet was pretty delicious but it was so packed. I didn't really think about the fact that it was Easter when I scheduled our brunch reservation, so the restaurant was busier than normal, and we had to wait a little while longer than we anticipated but at least we could walk around the grounds and try to find some animals out roaming. And our meal included a mimosa! 

After brunch we hit the road to Port Canaveral!
Check back later for posts recapping our cruise! 

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